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Welcome! I'm Becky, and at the age of 27 (two years ago) I decided to start sharing my life with strangers on the web. The thought process went something like this - I'm living in one of the largest cities in the country (Los Angeles) where crazy things can and do happen daily... I have access to some of the best food in the United States and I often partake in foodie experiences that may be interesting to people other than my parents... My dog is way too cute not to share with the world.

In 2007 I left my hometown of Austin to live in LA and "experience life outside of Texas." I was one year out of college and had a network of Texas friends already living in SoCal so I left my job, my family and my beloved BBQ and Tex-Mex cuisine and made the move to California. When I arrived I was jobless and not entirely sold on life in the big city. After a long search I took a position doing marketing for Whole Foods Market, (an Austin company, go figure) which ignited my culinary journey. Some may say I was a picky eater growing up. To this day I still don't enjoy seafood, and to this day my family tries to make me eat seafood. But working at Whole Foods exposed me to foods I didn't know existed and new methods of cooking foods I thought I didn't like (still not seafood, sorry dad). I found myself eating (and loving!) foods I never liked before like eggplant, ginger, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, fennel and dark chocolate, to name a few. Many of my colleagues were vegetarians so I learned about plant based diets and cutting down on meat consumption. I still eat meat, real Texan style, but I don't need it to complete a meal anymore.

I have since moved on from my position at Whole Foods and have been working for a non-profit for the last three four five years. I continue my culinary journey by trying new things in the kitchen and by exploring the vast restaurant selection in LA and the cities I travel to. Even though I was skeptical of the big city when I arrived, I'm finding that it has much to offer in my food, music and travel explorations. I found my favorite companion in these adventures a little over a year after moving here, and Justin and I have been chasing these experiences together ever since. On October 1, 2011 we became engaged and are currently planning a wedding for late summer of 2012 now married as of September 8, 2012!


We are parents to the world's cutest dogs, Chula and Vincent.

You can look forward to a lot of food and wedding talk, travel photos, celebrity sightings, music sharing and horror stories about that innocent looking dog Vincent, aka Houdini, aka Hannibal Lecter, aka Tinces.

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