Thursday, March 28, 2013

30 Before 30 Update - March

February and March were actually pretty busy months for checking things off my 30 Before 30 list. I just haven't blogged about it yet! Let's take a look back at what I've accomplished over the last two months, shall we?

#6 Watch The Godfather

I always felt like I was on the outside of some big inside joke whenever people would reference The Godfather. I couldn't even escape Godfather talk in my beloved rom-coms like You've Got Mail. Wanting to feel included and know what the heck everyone was talking about, I finally set aside three hours (yes, THREE hours) to see what all the buzz was for. The conclusion - Glad I saw it once, but I'm just not cut out for three hours of cinema. Sorry Coppola, I will not be needing to see that one again.

(Chula and me before 3 hours of organized crime)

#14 Start a family tradition

I had been pondering on this one for a while and was inspired by my bestie's childhood tradition of her mom waking her up with a doughnut and chocolate milk on her birthday. I remember waking up on my most recent birthday and feeling like it was just any other day. Since we weren't celebrating until after work, most of the day felt like business as usual until then. I thought waking up to a special breakfast on your birthday would be the perfect way to set the tone for making the day more fun. We recently celebrated Justin's 29th birthday by starting the family tradition of birthday breakfast. I woke up early and made him banana and peanut butter waffles with bacon so we could spend some quality time together before work celebrating his birth.

When it's my birthday, he'll do the same for me (though I advised him that purchasing a chocolate croissant and frothy latte for me would be equally as amazing if he doesn't want to cook). And if we have children in the future, they'll get special birthday breakfasts too.

#27 Try a quesa-rito at Chipotle

Is it weird that I vividly remember my first Chipotle experience? Those burritos hold a special place in my heart and they got me through college when my only other option was greasy dorm food. I can't remember who told me about the secret menu item that is the quesa-rito, but I wanted in. I actually learned of it quite a few months ago, but was too afraid to place my order, terrified of being rejected by the burrito maker claiming there was no such thing. So imagine my delight when I finally uttered the words, "I'd like a quesarito, please," and there was no hesitation at all by the Chipotle employee. They quickly sprung into action putting cheese on a big burrito tortilla, folding it and then placing it on the press to melt. Then they opened that quesadilla up, revealing all its inner melty cheese glory, and put my toppings inside before rolling it into a burrito.

The end result wasn't entirely different from their already stellar burritos, but the extra time on the tortilla warmer lent a nice toasty flavor to the burrito, which just took everything up a notch. Chipotle is my happy place.

To cancel out the burritos (right?) I've also been juicing for quite a few months now, which is on my list, but I want to dedicate a whole post to that one. And I went skiing twice! Expect upcoming posts on both of these things soon.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wedding Recap - Ceremony

Continued from wedding recaps one and two.

Considering that ceremonies are usually my least favorite part of a wedding (mostly because there's no cake), I was surprised that our ceremony turned out to be my most cherished part of the big day.

The sun was just beginning to set over the Santa Ynez Valley and the weather was absolute perfection. From where I stood at the "altar", I had a beautiful view of the rolling hills and vineyards below and most importantly, my calm and collected soon-to-be husband. Normally Justin is a very nervous fellow. Being the center of attention is not his thing, so I fully anticipated that he would be shaking and sweating his way through our ceremony. I was quite shocked at how calm he remained for the entire proceedings, which brought me great peace in return.

We incorporated some Hispanic wedding traditions into our ceremony and selected vows that were meaningful to us so the whole thing was very personal and unique. For the lasso tradition (in which the couple is joined by a double rosary) we used the lasso my parents used in their wedding more than 30 years ago. We also exchanged the arras (coins to symbolize prosperity) that were given to my grandparents for their wedding over 50 years ago! On top of all that, my aunt got ordained to perform the ceremony. It meant a lot to us that every single person standing with us was someone we love dearly.

My aunt performed her duties like a pro even though ours was the first wedding she officiated. The only slip-up of the ceremony was actually my fault, when I kept giving Justin the wrong hand to put the ring on and everyone had a little chuckle about it. When the ceremony concluded and we shared our first kiss as husband and wife, I got a rush of adrenaline while looking around and once again taking in the beauty that surrounded us. This time, as a married couple. We had done it and our friends and family were with us in beautiful California with a stunning sunset and the most beautiful weather we could have asked for.

It felt incredible and it felt flawless. When I think back to my favorite part of our wedding, it wasn't the reception and it wasn't even the wedding cake (though omg yummy). Most surprising to myself, it was the sincere and intimate nature of our ceremony. Though I'm fully expecting your favorite part of our wedding to be the s'mores station. More on that in the coming wedding recaps!