Wednesday, December 5, 2012

30 Before 30

Tomorrow is my 29th birthday. I can't believe I just typed that. In one year I'll be 30? How can that be?

Instead of negatively fixating on getting older, I thought it'd be fun to challenge myself to accomplish 30 things that will make me feel good and/or alive over the next year. Some are things I've never done, some are things I haven't done in far too long and some are things I just finally need to cross off my ongoing to-do list before another year passes. The 30 Before 30 idea is not my own, but my friend Jane did it and I love it and I want in!

I'll blog about my progress to keep me honest. So without further ado, I present to you my 30 Before 30 list:
  1. Complete the Harry Potter book series (I stopped at #3 and never got around to finishing. Boo!)
  2. Eat at Pink's Hot Dogs in Hollywood
  3. Go to Disneyland (I've been to Disneyworld but not land in my own backyard)
  4. Surprise my parents Read here
  5. Babysit for a friend (Do you trust me? Call me!)
  6. Watch the Godfather (Am I missing out?) Read here
  7. Visit Justin's family lake house in Michigan Read here
  8. Make pasta from scratch
  9. Get a new stamp in my passport
  10. Juice! (Use my new juicer) Read here
  11. Mail a handwritten letter/card to a loved one out of the blue Read here
  12. Backup my computer files and phone (Never done this. Tsk tsk!)
  13. Make my husband breakfast in bed Read here
  14. Start a family tradition Read here
  15. Start saving for a house Read here
  16. Print a wedding photo album
  17. Go snow skiing (I haven't been since 2006!) Read here
  18. Organize my recipe book
  19. Locate the time capsule I made in 6th grade (if it exists) and open it Read here
  20. Begin an anti-wrinkle face regimen (Is 30 a good time to start?)
  21. Put a video of Chula on YouTube (She WILL be a star!)
  22. Go to happy hour after work (Since moving to LA, I never go to happy hour anymore) Read here
  23. Find something creative to do with all the cards we received for our wedding
  24. Make something in the crock pot that isn't meat or soup
  25. Attend a beach bonfire Read here
  26. Make bagels from scratch (bagels + cream cheese = my heaven) Read here
  27. Try a quesa-rito at Chipotle (Quesadilla opened up, filled with toppings, rolled into a burrito!) Read here
  28. Figure out what to do with my wedding dress (Sell or donate? Any tips?)
  29. Make our guest room more accommodating (Add curtains, clock, bedside table, etc.) Read here
  30. Get a real Christmas tree Done! I got a head start over the weekend.

So what do you think? Would you do a 30 Before 30 list or have you done one before? I sort of feel like Bilbo Baggins. "I'm going on an adventure!"