Friday, July 6, 2012

Wedding Season

I don't know about you but I know A LOT of people getting married this year. That is more than ok with me since I loooooove weddings. People in love, good food, libations, music, dancing, family, wedding cake! What's not to like? Wedding season kicked off for me in Chicago two weeks ago, where Justin's brother and his beautiful bride had a truly amazing affair.

The stunning couple (just look at that dress!) wed at The Blackstone Hotel, which houses Iron Chef Jose Garces' restaurant Mercat a la Planxa. Because of this, and because of the bride and groom's passion for incredible food, the wedding was a culinary treat like none I've experienced before.

Amazingly, my absolute favorite part of the four-course meal was the cream of mushroom soup. And I don't even like mushrooms, like ever! Every course was delicious, but that soup really stood out because I was expecting "eh" and I got "WOW". I was simply going to take one bite to make sure I didn't like it and I ended up slurping every last drop. It was so velvety smooth, savory and luxurious, and the brioche toast provided that small textural variety just where it was needed. Perfection in a bowl, I tell you. 

After the incredible food, Justin had to deliver the best man speech. I've never seen him so nervous and I half expected him to pass out with the microphone in hand.  Instead, he had everyone doubled over in laughter and became somewhat of a celebrity among wedding guests with his quip about the bride deserving a perfect man, so thank God his brother married her before she could find one. With speeches wrapped up the dancing began, and it didn't end for the rest of the night.

They had an amazing live band that kept the dance floor packed throughout the evening. And when the bride and groom put on matching Red Wings jerseys and hit the floor, the party really got going. 


Beyond all of the personal touches and details that made the wedding beautiful, the night was just! I was finally able to meet many members of Justin's family and enjoyed getting to know them during our time in Chicago. It really meant a lot to hear that a few of them read this blog regularly. I feel welcomed into the family already and am so excited to see them again later this summer for our wedding.

Proud parents of the groom

Before this trip I had never been to Chicago, but it's safe to say that I'll definitely be back. The city has so much to offer in terms of art, food, architecture, music, etc. I'll recap which activities we were able to fit into our short trip very soon so stay tuned!